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We love our vehicles and we love them to be clean. And, we almost enjoy the process of cleaning them, its good exercise and kind of therapeutic. My wife doesn't quite get it but she sure likes driving her super clean SUV. Now, like most of you reading this we despised the drying part of the cleaning process. It takes forever, it's much more than exercise; in fact, it's downright hard work and if you miss a spot or skimp on the time it looks bad. All that work for a job that you can't be proud of. We knew there must be a better way. So we set out on a quest to create a product that we could use and others like us would love to own.

wash rinse and walk away!



That's how we developed the original CR SPOTLESS WATER SYSTEM®. It is the first commercial grade system available to regular homeowners to give them the high output de-ionized water system that makes sense to clean your vehicles, windows and boats. We tried other de-ionized water filters. They kind of work but you get a trickle of water and it's not really practical for someone with a large vehicle or boat or even someone who wants to wash their vehicles two or more times a month. Plus, you've got to use their special soap and that didn't make sense any way you cut it.


CRSpotless makes window washing easy!


Our system gives you the full cleaning power and high volume output you would expect to be able to clean your vehicle in 15 minutes or less. And, because you can wash, rinse and walk away®, you can spend more time on the soap and cleaning process which helps you get a cleaner vehicle!


So, we are certified clean vehicle people. We know there are a lot of us out there because we've sold a lot of units. And, people are writing us to let us know how much they like the system. We've made the re-ordering process easy and streamlined so that you'll never be without in the future. We invite you to write us and let us know what you think and how you use the product.

A lot of our customers are using the CR SPOTLESS WATER SYSTEMS® at their work to clean their work trucks and machines. And, everybody loves using the SYSTEM to clean their household windows, especially the second floor windows that are next to impossible to squeegee dry.

With the CR SPOTLESS WATER SYSTEM® you simply Wash, Rinse and Walk Away®.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site and invite you to visit us often and become a member of the CR SPOTLESS WATER SYSTEM® family.

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